Space Connect Fibre is up to 10 times faster than the average residential ADSL2+. All Space Connect plans have Unlimited Data so you can work and play for as long as you like. All you need to do is choose your speed! We provision direct FTTB or Hybrid Wireless + Fibre for max performance for every space we connect. Your Upload speed will be as fast as your Download speed. Perfect for uploading media to social networks, cloud storage, audio/video calls and gaming.

SpaceConnect - ten times faster than ADSL2+
Fibre Internet without the need for a telephone line

Space Connect Fibre internet plans are priced at similar rates to an average residential ADSL2+ plan – without the need for a telephone line. Space Connect keeps all upfront costs very low without the need for long-term contracts. All configuration, support and technical assistance is provided as part of the service. All hardware required to connect is supplied and supported.