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More than ever, your buyers want to be connected to the best internet speeds and networks available. As work from home, IoT and entertainment demands increase, a reliable, high-speed internet connection is now a critical factor for homeowners and tenants when choosing a property to buy and live in. Space Connect can help elevate your project above the standard NBN connection which is costly to integrate and delivers average performance.

Most owners and tenants are still coming to terms with Embedded Networks and the value they can offer. It doesn’t take people long to experience our superior speed and service on a consistent basis. Space Connect offers the best of all worlds with genuine ‘on-demand’ internet services that do not lock-in (contract) or require the additional expense of communication hardware.

Your clientele can move in, connect their internet in literally minutes without needing to wait any time at all for call outs or installations. Terminating an account is just as easy and does not incur any additional expense or payouts. It helps Developers and Body Corporates create a better and more flexible environment for their buyers and tenants and may offer a unique point of difference.

Our installation design is simple, with little input required from the builder. We invest in the latest and most reliable components for the main comms and each apartment, as well as sourcing the highest-grade Fibre solutions for your development.

Benefits for Developers

  • Zero setup costs
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Connection to all common areas/spaces/services
  • Support and Information for Body Corp
  • Quick and streamlined installation
  • Strong competitive differentiation
  • Guaranteed compliance and delivery

Benefits for Owners/Tenants

  • Fastest available speeds
  • Uncontended internet services
  • Easy sign-up and provisioning process
  • Excellent, attentive, round the clock support
  • Competitive market rates with uncapped plans
  • Ubiquity equipment delivering fast wireless
  • Professionally managed by an accredited and

Space Connect will supply internet to all apartment and mixed-use developments. Owners, Residents and Retailers can select from the same low-cost internet plans or enhanced bandwidth at higher speeds with options for Telephony, VPN, and other business requirements.

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Metro Coverage (Development - Embedded Network)


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Metro Coverage (Development - Embedded Network)



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